Join an online 7 week writing circle for sexual assault survivors! Dates are ongoing- message for start of next circle!

Sexual abuse survivors often struggle to express themselves.  Your voice was and stifled and your words had no meaning. The person/people who did this to you or kept it quiet may have spoken empty words or words that were inaccurate or confusing. The story they told about you wasn’t the truth. The story you have told yourself or are telling yourself may not be true either. Time to rewrite your story. Take back your power.

Writing about what has come from your experience is so powerful and plays an important role in decreasing feelings of low self-esteem, depression, rage and powerlessness.

 This writing circle is a powerful way to connect with your emotions, defuse them, transmute them and reclaim them!  This writing is creative and intimate. The pen often takes over for you and says what you may have suppressed for years.

You can remain anonymous, you can turn your camera off, change your name, etc. You never have to share and you will not be put on the spot if you don’t want to share or talk. Sharing is not discouraged nor encouraged; every writer in the circle will make that choice for themselves.

Prompts will be provided for each session, and you will be guided during the hour.

Each session will begin and end with regulation of your nervous system.

Listen to Katie describe the writing circle here:

It is $47 for the ENTIRE circle.

*1 page of self-devotion activities (create and try new actions to move out old stuff and make room for a more good stuff in your life)

*2-3 pages of prompts for continued writing and journaling

*6 hours of uninterrupted time to write

*6 hours of connection and community with others

*1.5 hours of IN PERSON connection to close the experience with other participants of the circle



There’s something quite beautiful about taking our most broken, wounded, hidden pieces, and daring to bring them to light. To put words to them. To brave, sharing those jagged shards with others. There’s connection, and love, and support, and championing. Isolation gets broken, a new light comes in, new and different colors arise, and with that an opportunity arises to let go of some of the shame and pain and to continue to pick up the pieces and fashion, a new mosaic out of them. It’s empowering, and clarifying, and challenging, and difficult, and wonderful, and beautiful, and worth the risk. And who would ever have thought those words could be said in conjunction with any type of trauma, much less sexual abuse or sexual assault. But they can be said, and they can be true because I said them and they’re true for me. I am incredibly thankful for the gifts that the writing circle brought me. And I am indebted to the women who chose to show up every week. True beautiful, fiery, bad asses! 

What Women Are Saying

One of the things that makes writing circle, so unique in this experience is, there’s freedom. In many groups sharing gets stifled. There are rules and boundaries in regards to sharing, but not over sharing so others don’t triggered by our truths and experiences. Writing circle gave me a unique opportunity to express myself with an honesty and rawness, that I have not found in other avenues.

What Women are Saying
One word to describe the circle is “unashamed”
What Women Are Saying

A safe time and place to share, listen, and be supported. To hear that you’re not alone. Take back your power from this trauma that set you back .

What Women Are Saying